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Pocketfold Wedding Invitations, Wallets and Envelopments®

If you are in the process of searching for your perfect wedding invitation design, then I’m sure you have already come across a genre of wedding invitations with a variety of names – pocketfolds, wallet-style, Envelopments®, Envelofolds ® etc. Essentially, they are all styles of wedding invitations which incorporate some sort of ‘pocket’ to slot useful insert cards for your guests with additional information about your wedding. This could be a map of directions for example, a gift list, menu options or a list of local accommodation that your guests may which to choose. The invitations are available in all sorts of different shapes and sizes – and folded in all sorts of ways. The actual ‘invitation’ section of the card is usually mounted on different layered card with complimentary colours. You can also choose to add a background pattern or graphic to the design which can produce stunning invitations!

Pocketfolds can be particularly useful if you are having a wedding overseas or if many of your guests will be coming from different countries. It’s also a great help for your guests if you enclose an RSVP with a pre-printed envelope to make sure they can reply with ease as well as speed!

Envelopments® is the brand name behind the American company who dominate the market at the moment, producing exceptional quality cards but if you love their designs then you do have to order their products from a licensed designer. There are a number of designers in the UK now offering Envelopments products including Little Angel Weddings and Linda Abrahams among others. Take a look at our pocketfold invitation designers for more information.

There are also alternative versions of the American brand becoming increasingly available in the UK for brides and wedding invitation designers, though they tend to me more limited in terms of colours, patterns and card textures. You could have a go at designing your own wallet invitations and decorating them with ribbon, plaques and other embellishments. The only limit with pocketfold invitations is your imagination! Have fun designing!

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